You Can’t Blame Gravity for Falling In Love – Reader Submission

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”
-Albert Einstein


Poem submitted by Vonsia Brantley

I was in pain for 5 years, and in that time I’ve probably cried a million tears.
I was married to the thought that expensive gifts would cover my bruises, and his sorry wouldn’t come as often.
I regretfully forgave him when the stress he gave me caused my womb
to be a coffin.
I didn’t resent him when I held my 24 week 11 ounce baby girl. Instead
I replay her beautiful cry, a melody that rocks me to sleep at night because I know with her song and God’s arm I can sleep at night.
Then you. You came into my life and became my light in the darkness.
You showed me what love is and that a real man isn’t heartless.
But still I was ready to be used like the hoe he’s always made me out to be.
I prepared my heart to be crushed violently.
I waited to have to hide my body that will eventually be used for a canvas of pain.
I waited because when it comes to love I know I have no gain.
But yet,
You make me feel like the princess I pretended to be when i was a little girl
The marks you leave on my body are not like his.
The burns on my back comes from me being buried in your love as you as my man lay on top of me and my bare back kisses the sheets.
The marks on my neck are not from anger instead, because you never tasted anything so sweet.
You love me as I am and my body can’t help but shiver as I think of you following the lines of my womanhood that lay shamefully on my stomach to my heaven and I’ve never felt more beautiful.
You showed me what love is and I now in return I can love you.
You are my King and I sit humbly by your side as I take my place as queen.
This relationship will never sink instead sail into the sunset as the old us disappears and we are reborn in front of God. I love you in a place where there is no space or time.
There’s not enough ink in my pen or rhythm in my rhyme for me to express my love for you.
You make my heart skip a beat without the feeling of dying
And As we lay still in bed at night I somehow feel I am flying.
And for this I love you, forever I do.

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What are your thoughts on this untitled piece? How did it make you feel? Feel free to submit your own poetry, short stories, reviews or artwork via the contact form to be featured! 


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