The Passenger

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“The Passenger” by Lisa Lutz

the-passenger-9781451686630_hr With her husband’s corpse still warm at the bottom of the stairs, “Tanya Dubois” has to go on the run. Again. When the police figure out that she doesn’t officially exist, they’ll start asking questions she can’t answer.

Desperate to keep the past buried, our heroine hopscotches across the country, adopting and shedding identities. Along the way, she collides with Domenic, a cop with murky motives, and the troubled Blue, a woman who sees through her disguise-and who may be friend or foe.

But ultimately, when the past can no longer be ignored, “Tanya” races home to confront the darkest secret imaginable.

In the tradition of “Gone Girl” and “The Girl on the Train,” “The Passenger’s” scorching pace, unforgettable heroine, and ingenious plot will keep you turning pages deep into the night toward a stunning conclusion that will quite simply blow you away.

Okay, so this is the first book from my Thrillers & Mystery reading list. This was actually the one I was most excited about just because it sounds so good! However, I think the synopsis is more exciting than the actual book. You know how you see a movie trailer and it looks action packed with tons of surprises?  And you’re so stoked to see it? Then when you do, you realize they put all the exciting things in the preview? That’s how I feel about “The Passenger.”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good read. Good enough to finish. What really kept my pages turning was the fact that the author had a very good writing style and my curiosity about who “Tanya” was because you have no idea while reading it. There are small glimpses into her past via emails between her and a former friend/boyfriend and her past seemed like a more interesting story than the one of her on the run and changing identities. Weird right?

The story begins with “Tanya” looking over her dead husband’s body and not feeling an ounce of sadness or hurt, or anything for that matter. She immediately packs all her things and hits the road to disappear again. This intrigued me and made me believe I’d be following a conniving and sociopath character, but she turned out to not be those things. She seemed decent and empathetic, obviously great qualities, but not expected for someone on the run for 10 years. 

Her supporting characters were a little weird to me. I didn’t understand Blue at all. And given the predicament that “Tanya” was in it was hard to believe that she would trust Blue so willingly. Domenic didn’t have “murky motives” as the synopsis describes. He seemed like a regular guy to me. (And with him is the only time I noticed that “Tanya” had a personality).

Some of the identities that “Tanya” takes on could’ve been left out. Also, some of the situations she ended up in seemed far-fetched. But I’ve never been on the run before so what do I know? 

Regardless, I kept reading because I wanted to know what made her leave her real life behind 10 years ago. Once I found out the reason I was a little disappointed because I felt like she should’ve fought it. I mean she does call Ryan (her former friend/boyfriend) a coward and it seems she was one too. And the very last twist that’s thrown in at the end of the story was just so unnecessary and made it weird. I would have been satisfied with the outcome of everything without that little, well huge, tidbit. 

I don’t want to come off like this book was a huge disastrous disappointment because it wasn’t,  but it did have disappointing qualities. Maybe if I wasn’t so excited to read it and had such high expectations it would’ve been better for me. I will say that I enjoyed her identities as Debra Maze and her real self Nora Glass. I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 stars so it’s definitely something I would say to not rule out!


Who else has read this book? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to discuss! What’s a book you were excited to read but was left disappointed? 


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