Stickymonger – Fall in Love with the Imaginary

Artist Spotlight

Stickymonger aka Joohee Park 


Stickymonger is an NYC based artist, originally from Korea, that works with paint & huge stickers. She has studied at the Pratt Institute, Ewha Womans University & Parsons the New School for Design. Stickymonger’s work has been showcased at more than two dozen art exhibitions in New York, both solo and group. 

Her work is dark & mysterious, even with the use of color. Each painting, mural and sticker tug at your emotions. You can’t help but to feel connected to the image. She describes her work as “visceral” and “converting spaces into imaginary worlds.” Stickymonger accomplishes that and does it so beautifully.   

I’m always looking for new artists just so I can see what’s out there. I love things that have meaning, are completely different from what I’ve seen before, but still are pleasing to look at. Stickymonger’s creativity and talent are undeniable and I am definitely hooked. 

Want more Stickymonger?

 Visit her site

Follow her on Instagram @stickymonger

Who are some of your favorite artists? Are you an artist yourself? What inspires you?




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