Bleeding Heart

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“Bleeding Heart” by Lauren Bishop


Simone is an only child growing up in Michigan with her two loving parents. They give her the world and she doesn’t want for anything. She spends her summers in her plush tree house that rivals some homes and her winters skiing in Minnesota with her best friends.

But one spring day everything changes. Her parents never come home and she’s left with only memories.

It’s been years since her parents’ death and she’s gone from foster homes to crashing with friends. She finds herself defeated with nowhere to go and desperation sets in.

Neil is a sinister man that feeds off of control. He has a way of always getting what he wants. Simone is young, beautiful and vulnerable. He has to have her. He becomes her knight in shining armor and sweeps her off of her feet. Little does she know getting wrapped up in Neil’s web will be the worst mistake of her life.

Living as Neil’s prisoner, Simone doesn’t think things could get any worse. But when Neil sets his sights on a new conquest obsession and murder threaten everyone in his path. With her life at stake, Simone must dig deep within herself to finally find a way out.

So I may be a little biased on my thoughts about “Bleeding Heart” because I’m the author. But I am really proud to have this as my first novel! I’ve always loved reading and writing my own little fun stories but I never thought I’d be an author. My entire time growing up I knew I would be in the fashion industry. You couldn’t tell me I wouldn’t be the next big designer having my work walking down the runway of Fashion Week in New York.

Throughout college I took different writing classes and loved them, but still I wanted to be that fancy designer. After a year of majoring in Fashion Design I realized it was not for me and switched to Photography. That was still apart of the fashion industry right? I was hired as a photographer at a studio and from then that’s what I did for years. But I still felt like I wanted more, that I wasn’t meeting my full potential.

Then one day it just clicked. I looked at my stacks of books in the corner of my bedroom and finally figured out what I’m supposed to be doing with myself. I was always a writer. I was just too blind and stubborn to see what’s always been in front of my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my fashion, photography & art. I still have that creative soul, I’m just expressing it through words.

So, I give you my first novel, “Bleeding Heart.” I’ve received some really good reviews on Amazon so far and would like to share some below. 


  • I loved this book. I’m a writer as well and I have a creative imagination, so I love it when I cant figure out or guess whats going to happen. This book kept me guessing and that’s not only impressive but its exactly what I look for in a good read. I literally did not stop reading after I started, I could not put it down. Great job!
  • This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time I couldn’t put it down. The book kept me on the edge of my seat and every time I thought I knew what was coming next the book took a turn. The book is a good read, no matter what genres you typically read.
  • Great read! I couldn’t put the book down. Every time I promised to read only one chapter before bed, I found myself reading 2+! It keeps you wanting more even after you’ve finished the book!
  • Good job Lauren! Lots of suspense and I love how it comes full circle in the end! I read it all in one day! Good read.

Read “Bleeding Heart” for yourself and see what made this debut novel reach Amazon’s top 100 in its genre. Let’s make it happen again!

“Bleeding Heart” on


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