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A chat with JassieUo


Jassie is a Detroit bred artist formerly based out of Chicago, but now making her mark in Los Angeles. With over six years of photography experience, her work will leave you astounded. Her self portraits are dazzling. Her point of view is fun, fresh and all her own. Learn more about the self taught artist through her own words.

Who is JassieUo in 3 words?

Regal. Timeless. Innovative.

How would you describe your style?

I consider my style minimal, with a touch of attitude.

What is it you want to say with your photographs? Do you have a specific message?

I’ve always wanted my viewers to have a sense of escape with my photographs, or more so feel the image. I see a lot of art that doesn’t really have feeling. 

 Are there any photographers or other artists that inspire and influence you? 

Right now I’ve been really influenced with color & a few female photographers I feel master that would be @Tefftheory & @AdrienneRaquel (Instagram).

How does working in LA compare to Chicago? What made you decide on relocation? 

LA is a great experience, a larger pot for me to bring dreams to life. Chicago is always love, but as I knew when moving there, it would be a place to pass through on the journey. I’m learning a lot about taking things to a higher level here in LA, which is much needed.

Out of all your projects do you have a favorite?

“Distort” is by far my favorite. I was really impressed with the installation.

When you’re not capturing your next masterpiece what do you do for fun? 

I love wine. So more than likely I’m with friends sipping or chilling while catching up on and binge watching my shows. 

This next one is going to be tough. You have to choose between shooting a spread in Vogue with Naomi Campbell or Rihanna’s next Puma ad campaign. The job you don’t pick is gone forever. Which one do you choose? 

I would have to choose Vogue with Naomi Campbell. It’s way too legendary to pass up. Naomi is an iconic face. I love my girl RiRi but I could catch her in W magazine lol.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 

This a tough one. I’m such an adventurous person when it comes to moving already. I’m always falling in love with skylines. However, aesthetically Ostuni, Italy for a few years would look and feel amazing.

Just for fun, what is your secret guilty pleasure?

Every once in a while with red wine I have the desire to smoke a cig lol.😬

What can we expect next from JassieUo?

What’s next is more. I’m planning on really elevating my name this year so you guys will see soon.


I’ve always admired Jassie and have been a huge fan of her work. Her unique touch can turn something ordinary to extraordinary. We’re from the same city, so seeing her grow and become the artist she is today is an amazing thing. Not everyone figures out what they’re good at in life, but she has & she does it so well. Over the years Jassie has definitely motivated me to take my own crafts more seriously. To find my voice in my art. Huge success is undoubtedly in her future.

Want more JassieUo? 

Visit her site jassieuo.com

Follow her on Instagram @Jassieuo

Who are you inspired by? Who are some of your favorite photographers? Leave your thoughts and questions below! 



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