For the Love of the Arts

What is Paper Hearts?

A new online book club. Each month we can vote on which novel we will indulge in next. Post your comments and let’s discuss!

A helping community. Are you working on your next creative masterpiece? Your debut novel? Writing some new poetry? Writer’s block? Or just want feedback? Send your questions and get helpful critiques, advice and tips.

A place to share. Let us know what you’re reading. What are your all time favorite novels? What book are you looking forward to releasing? Who’s your favorite artist? Show us some of their recent work. Show some of your recent work! Is something you read getting turned into a film? Let’s take a trip to the movies and compare the novel to the film adaption.

A fun, cool place for all readers, authors and artists to come together and discuss all the things we love!

Who is Lauren Bishop?

Besides being the administrator of Paper Hearts, I am a young woman that appreciates the arts. I love reading, fashion, photography, illustration, etc. I attended Michigan State University and studied Apparel & Textile Design and Studio Art with a concentration in photography. I have worked as a freelance and professional photographer for the past four years. I am a new author and self published my first novel, “Bleeding Heart” in 2016. I am currently working on my next book which I hope to acquire a book agent for. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask!


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